I'm very happy with my POD X3 Live at home, for practice and for home recordings at low levels (everything in my profile so far has been recorded direct from the POD into a mixer into Pro Tools, no having to crank an amp and mic it and all that).

I took it to rehearsal for the first time this week, instead of my backup pedal, which is a BOSS ME-50, and it sounded pretty bad. I plugged into the same place at the studio, in the same amp as I have at home, and it sounded REALLY bad at high volumes. I then tried a BOSS GT-8, and same thing.

Now that I think back, one thing I forgot to do was turn off the reverb on the half-stack, since the modellers presets all have reverb as well, so I'm effectively doubling it which makes it sound boomy and artificially "loud", but basically at home I can tell the difference between a "Plexi simulation" and a "5150 simulation", for example, but cranked up they all sound the same. I'm assuming it's a setting I'm not thinking about, as I know if Garbage and NiN can play at the volumes they play at with PODS, then I'm just doing something stupid with them.

I should note that the ME-50 sounds FANTASTIC at really high volumes - I think the difference is there's no LCD and computer, it's all knobs, so it's probably easier to make sure I'm dialed into good settings... just looking for anyone who plays out with their POD or GT series to maybe throw out some pointers or advice in general.