I dug out my camera and microphone again. It doesn't sound completely horrible anymore, so I figured I'd record something. And for some reason, I really liked parts of this, so I uploaded it.

Just a jam in E Aeolian over an Emi7, Cma7, Ami7 progression. There's some more info in the description.

Let me know what you all think. =)

Decent but maybe if the rythym of the solo was more syncopated it would make for a more interesting solo.
Interesting approach with the octaves. The effect on the guitar is maybe a tad overdone. However it's pretty interesting. Keep working around with scales and diffrent rythms as said above. and like you said it was a video of a little jam and it showed like you put some emotion in it which I really liked. Keep playing and I can't wait to see all we can see from you/

Mind critting my bands first show?
Smile alot today... okay?