I posted this elsewhere, in the cab building thread, but it got no attention for the last while. Here it goes again:


I've recently bought a Peavey Bandit 112 combo, one of the older redline models, and I have plans to building an extension cabinet for it. It'll be good for now, sometime in the future I'll buy a head, so I just wanted to be sure of a few things before I bought some speakers. The external speaker jack is rated for the following, fyi:

100 Watts
8 Ohms

What I don't understand is how this will contribute to its volume (looking for more loud). The main speaker doesn't switch off (1x12 Sheffield 1230) when you plug a load in, so is the external jack on a completely separate rail? If it is that would mean 180 watts output, correct? If I'm wrong, and all it does is increase my wattage to 100 I can put a 4 ohm speaker directly into the combo to increase its output to the same(the manual rates wattage for both so I'm assuming its okay as long as its not plugged into the output wire).

Anyone ever worked with a bandit before? I've asked other people, and so far a cabinet looks like a good idea, it would really help me cut through in those larger venues. No guesses please, I've got plenty of them already. Thanks in advance.

tl;dr - 80 watt amp + 100 watt cabinet = 180 watt rig?
80watt amp + 100watt cabinet = 80 watt rig (or i think the bandit can handle 100 with ext. speaker)

another speaker will just make it sound louder... and just a little bit
it WON'T be louder
just a fuller sound
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Ok, well, the point of confusion was the fact that the amp and the output had different ratings for different ohms. The combo itself is 80 watts at 8 ohms, 100 watts at 4, and the external is as listed above, 100 watts at a minimum of 8 ohms. I'm considering buying a used Peavey 412M instead of building, the price is definitely right, so at least I'll get a chance to hear the difference. Either way I'm certain it will help cut through a bit better.