so i got a harmonica for my b-day a little while ago and i decided to record some stuff with it so i played it over the progression/strum pattern i used for the lemming song (just a simple C-G-AM-F ) but sped it up a bit, i think it sounds kidna cool its in my profile called "lemming song remix" let me know what you think or if ure a harmonica whiz and got some pointers let me know im merely a beginner

oh and if u got something for me to crit i would be more than happy
i thought you were going to be my new favorite person, but now i think you're definitely not lol

i thought this was the lemmings theme song, not some.... jam session?

anyways, it sounded pretty good if you like that kind of stuff. i don't know much about the harmonica, but it was definitely better than some of the other stuff I've heard
haha im sorry about the confusion ....yea awhile back i just messed around with the penatonic scale when i was learning it and played it to some chords and it remminded me of the game lemmings for some reason so i called it the lemming song...but im glad you enjoyed it you have anything u want me to crit?
lol, thats awesome. noone i talk to has ever played lemmings. i guess were weird?

but yeah, i dont have anything to record with right now. hopefully ill be getting some recording stuff soon.