So I've decided on getting a MIM HSS in Brown Sunburst with a rosewood fretboard. However, I'd like to swap to a black 3-ply pickguard, black pickup covers and chrome knobs.

What do you guys think of that scheme? Any suggestions? Anything that would look better? Anyone have any picks of a sunburst strat decked out like that? I can't seem to find any :S
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Oh wow, thanks b2spirita. I designed it and it looks pretty good if you ask me.

well show us then!
Haha, sorry. I need to sign up for Photobucket or the like first. I'll do it when I'm not working and I'll put up a pic!
i like the pickup in the top corner. if you drag the pickup to the darker area below the neck it deletes it. haha

but i like it. looks good. but i prefer the sharper ibanez bodies.
Yeah, I think the mysterious EMG floating in the top right corner really makes it.

Haha, thanks for letting me know how to delete things, that was def the issue there.