hey the guys and gals from UG.
I just got a shiny new job title, and I was wondering what job titles you guys had/have/ or will have?

I'll start-- Autobody Repair Apprentice Technician-Detailer
Yep. Its long, and it my actual, official title.
Sound Technology and Music Industry studant
(Im in between jobs right now so thats it)
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One word -----Student
Its a hard job
Yoda i be!

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I've been an Associate Attorney; right now I'm a Staff Attorney.
Hi, I'm Peter

Well that sucked.
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Grocery bagger.

My favorite job title is "Sandwich Artist", which is what you are if you make subs and Subway.
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Full time student
Part time Customer Assistant at a Supermarket.
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My favorite job title is "Sandwich Artist", which is what you are if you make subs and Subway.

I spent a few months as a Sandwich Artist when I was in law school.
Hi, I'm Peter

not even full time student now that school's out right now...
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I used to be a Student Calling Representative (aka telemarketer)

now I'm unemployed.
Director of Computer Systems

Yes. We have a small shop. I gave myself that title. I sign emails I send out with that title. Which makes me awesome.
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General staff.

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