This was from way too long ago, and it probably sounds it. I found it while I was packing.

I feel so high now
I could fly
Stretch those wings and touch the sky
I feel so low now
No one knows
How even I/ don't know how / I get through the day
But soon I know/ that I'll see you
My angel, my only one

Pre - Chorus:

Don't find me, I'm too embarassed to be seen
Hide me, kept away in your worst dream


Smile at me, smile at her
Don't take me, you don't deserve
Someone like me/ cheap *****
Scum you'd find on the floor
Believe me, you can do much better

I feel so right now
I know you're mine
I'm all you see, and same with me
But it could feel so wrong now,
If I really stop and think...
How they're always watching us/waiting for me
me to slip up / and down into the cracks / while
they pounce on you behind my back
They all want you, I know it
My angel, my only one


I feel so hot now
Constantly nervous
But all the same enthralled in passion
But wait! A cold flash
It stretches across my cheeks
My eyes burn with blue fire/ and I wonder if you're
here for me / and not what I can give you / but
all the same if you're wrong for me why do I love you?
My angel, my only one


I feel so sad now
No longer for this world and my miniature role in the play
I should have held back / I see why you'd leave
But I know I'll never forget you
So I think I'll leave too
And I'll sleep with the happy memory of us together
My angel, my only one, my forever.

Very difficult to get the flow of the song. I liked the repitition of the "I feel so ..... right now" kinda vibe. You scared me by saying "I feel so high right now"... I thought you were some druggie.
Hammer out some of those lines, try and enforce a stricter meter to it. Lines that seem okay will have alot more power if they flow right (just look at Nirvana).
No druggie... just in a weird state of love-paranoia. Thanks for the advice.
not bad, it does sound like a druggie tho lol kinda drew me in to read to it

mines in my sig please crit it