I've always wondered why multi's are bad. I don't see any reason why they should be against the rules apart from possibly spamming, but that's only one reason.

Is there something I'm missing?
can't keep track of ban records.

if they're allowed it basically removes the mods powers because who'd be worried about being banned if you can just make another account, start again and not have to worry about any repercussions.

It also uses up usernames that other people could have had.
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Yeah. people, like Lemoninfluence, are hypocrites and should have all their opinions invalidated from here on out.
Also, people can abuse the tab rating system

For example, creating 20 accounts to give 5 star ratings to all your tabs
If someone's banned, they need to stay banned, otherwise the system of punishments which the mods/the site can inflict is meaningless. What's the point in banning someone if they just come right back?