Dear pit,

Today, my friend and I were playing MOP on air guitar mode. When we finished f*cking around, my friend confronted me, it was on of the first songs he learned with his band. It was a funny fact that I knew that both his guitarists only started when making the band, and they play InMe and 3 Days Grace.

He stated, that both his guitarists could play the song with the solo's, only playing for 3-4 weeks. Now I ask you pit, is he speaking the truth, or is this a very very clever ruse?

Yours truly.

Pfft, I'd call BS on that one, if they've truly only been playing for that long. Probably one of those, "Yeah, well, I know a guy who's able to play the song flawlessly, over his back, while singing." kinda things. 3-4 weeks wouldn't be possible, even if all they did from day-one was play MoP.

Don't get me wrong, the solo's not as hard as most people think it is.. but someone who's been playing for a month wouldn't have the technique to play such a thing.
Master of Puppets? With solo, in the first 3-4 weeks of playing the guitar?

Fckin bullsht.
I guess if they practiced just that song non-stop. I could only play Green Day and Blink 182 after a month, though. I'd doubt they could do the entire solo and make it sound good.
That was what I was thinking, I'm starting on the fast solo now, and judging by the work of the lead guitarist, he is on the level of playing the chili's.

Wait, within the first 3-4 weeks of playing guitar or the first 3-4 weeks of being a band?

3-4 weeks of guitar, bull****.
First 3-4 weeks of being a band, yeah. Easy.
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the slow solo was the first solo i ever learnt
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Ask him on which speed they can play it.

I know a guy that said he could play the Sweet Child O' Mine solo. So I asked him to play it or me and he played it really slow...