i saw this song on an advert and the some of the lyrics goe like this"I WANNA PLACE I CAN CALL MY OWN,HAVE A CONVERSATION ON THE TELEPHONE" sorry its a bit vague but thats all i know and i love the song, but dont know the title or artist,if anyone could tell me who it is it would be greatly appreciated
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I think it's "Regret" by New Order. Those are lyrics from the chorus.

it is mate your right, thanks for finding that out 4 me
there is a song with the lyrics "HERE COMES MY GUIDING STAR,TO TAKE ME HOME,WEVE TRAVELLED LANDS OF FAR and the only other part i know is where it goes GET UP GET UP GET UP GET UP dont know song name or artist,if anyone knows this i would appreciate it
doing a quick google search i think it's called "guiding star" by Cast. Hope that helps.