I've got an Ibanez 15 watt tube amp, model name TB15D. Not sure what year it was made, bought it from my friend about 2 yrs ago and he's had it for a while so I'm guessing 2003/4. Has a list price of 90 quid from what I can gather from the internet. Willing to sell for around 40 pounds. EDIT: plus shipping and postal insurance, if wanted.

All knobs intact, power cable included.

Has a master volume, overdrive channel with gain and volume, eq bass middle treb, effects and headphones and cd input.

PM me for any other questions

Why am I selling it? I'm looking for an amp thats better with clean tone and light distortion, this one more of the metal/rocker amp.
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Oh yeah and free shipping if collection in person (obviously) otherwise probably around 12 pounds to mainland UK. Sorry about forgetting that.
don't mean to burst your bubble, but

1) £40 is way to much for that amp - £25 is a safer bet,
2) its not tube. It's solid state.
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want something more powerful

thanks anyway... i think

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