Ive been playing guitar for 10 years now so I hate to ask this cus ill look like an ass but I need help. I can do hammer ons like a god and i can tap using hammer ons. But I cant do Pull offs Or pull off taps. I can do single pull offs lik 9-5 but i cant do repeatidly like 6-5-4-3 Any tips or warm ups I can do to get better.
repeat it over and over and over. once your fingers move quicker it's easier. tap harder, pull off hard and quicker. thats what i do. practice on the G or B string i'd say, so you get better practice not hitting other strings also

get what im saying?
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To add to that fine advice above...

When pulling-off, be sure to flick the string as well. Not a huge flick, just enough to make it sound where you want it. You can get several differant tones as well by varying the pressure of the flick.

Just my .02

yea i can pull off single pull offs but when it comes to the wicked 4 finger ones i cant I think im just removing the fingers