I was wondering if anyone had any experience in 7 string pickups (which I know a few of you have ) I have an Ibanez RG7321, but want to change out the pickups and I am looking at these two:

Dimarzio DP719 D Activator 7 String
DiMarzio DP759 PAF7

That is about my price range. I mostly play metal and nu-metal (old Korn), but I have read the PAF7's (which came on the old K-7 signature modele) aren't great at the bridge with distortion. I was wondering if I should but a PAF on neck and DActivator on the bridge. I haven't tried either one and was wondering if anyone had tried either. I know the DActivator gets good reviews and I am almost thinking of buying 2 DActivators. Anyone have any suggestions thanks.
What is it about your pickups that you don't like? They really aren't such a factor in your sound as your amp, and it's probably your amp that holding you back. Pickups only fine tune your sound, and only when your other gear is of a quality that allows you to notice.
I am fine with sound on the Spider but when I play gig on my friends Marshall (not sure what kind its a half stack though) I just don't feel i don't how to say it but like power. My PRS SE is great (I mostly use it for clean sound) and it has a real strong sound, and even when I use it distorted it sounds powerful stock, but the Ibanez I don't really know what it is its just not all there.