Eh i wanna build a pedal board (as you migh know) with loads of leds and knobs and switches but i thought about putting on it a little LCD monitor... umm actualyl for coolness and baeuty but a functional one... so it'll be worth.. so i need help[.. iknow nothing bout LCD monitors... any help will be apreciated
What would you want to come up on the monitor?

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I'm making my own version, just with an LCD on the end of a mic stand, not on the floor (it's too far away, and might get stepped on). I'll be using it to control (and program) my rig with midi, so the screen will display the name of the patch and any notes I want to add for that bit of music. Since everything's already synced to a midi clock from the drummer, I'm adding a visual metronome on there too.
I'll be using one of these:
and one of these:

Do you have any experience programming? That screen needs a lot of power to control (I'm using a Blaze FPGA), but there are simpler ones that can be controlled with serial commands like this
which is easier if you don't have much experience.
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click the third link its similar t a calculator screen and is 25 bucks try reading everything
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