I have the Edge 3 and I just tuned it last night, and played for about 5 minutes this afternoon, and noticed it was going out of tune. Now every 3 minutes it keeps doing it. I tried fine tuning it more, but it still goes out of tune. Any help?
Having if professionaly set up or put an Original Floyd Rose in your guitar.
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replace it. edge 3's are just really cheap. buy yourself an OFR
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did you stretch your strings?
Did you switch a gage?
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I remember seeing a thread somewhere about some measurements you can take to improve stability. Search around a bit.

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are you tuned down at all from standard?

Nope, just standard E. I'm kinda short on money, so buying a new guitar wouldn't really be a choice for me.
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Are the strings going sharp or flat?

flat. I strecthed them, and I'm pretty sure the gauges were the same. I'm going to have it set up by a shop tomorrow.
i found that if you leave the guitar for a few days then the strings settle and it stays in tune
Funny that people always bash the Edge III, I used it for 3-4 years and never had much problems.
Make sure to get a decent set up and stick to one tuning preferably.
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