Any fans? I love these guys they just tore it up. Sebastian Bach is a great vocalists and his solo stuff is great check out his album ''Angel Down''. Wish they would reunite.
I have their Slave to the Grind album, its pretty good. He does have a good voice.
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Theyre cover of Hendrix's Little Wing was awsome. Snake is a sick guitar player.
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i just got my mitts on angel down, tbh i was expecting full on ballad cheese. but it effing brilliant! cant stop listening to it!
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i wish they would reunite as well. but sadly, it will never happen. angel down was amazing though.

"our love is a lie", "love is a bitchslap", and "you dont understand" are the best songs on it
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awesome 80's band, one of my favorites, 18 and life is one of my favorite songs to play
Skid Row! Shame Snake says they'll never reunite.
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Skid Row are my favorite band I love angel down is a good album not like the old Skid Row stuff but good all the same
I love SKID ROW! ... with or without Bach as far as they go with Scotti Hill, Rachel Boland, and Snake Sabo. My favorite is Scotti Hill .. yep I like his feel, emotion, and phrasing when play his lead guitar task. The best lick I've ever heard for Rock Ballad was I Remember You solo guitar made and done by Scotti Hill. What a beauty solo for a legend ballad song.

By the way, I want to share my I Remember You guitar solo cover. Let me just present my video:
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Theyre cover of Hendrix's Little Wing was awsome. Snake is a sick guitar player.

No, it was Scotti Hill who played solo in "their" Little Wing. Snake played intro and rhytm part.

The best Snake solo I think is Sweet Little Sister Fast and full of energy
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Nice band overall, this is the kind of music I can get into. They simply kicked asses. My favourite song would probably be 18 and life, nice bass line on the slow part
skid row = amazing
currently listening to 18 and life haha
I don't really listen to them much, but I saw them live in 95, then saw Bach in 06. All I can say is that guy is one awesome frontman. Incredible voice and amazing stage presence.
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Good band. I saw part of their set back last year on a tour. It's not the same without Bach, but Dave still seemed pretty good. Considering I went to see Ratt, it wasn't a bad deal.