Herman Dune, anybody?
Great Indie band from French Europe. Their first albums are Indie/Anti-Folk, but I would describe their new albums as Indie Pop/Pop-Folk. Very raw and un-produced sound. Lot's of interesting instruments, percussion and female backing-vocals. David-Ivar Herman Dune is the lead singer/guitarist, he has a thick French accent and his vocals very VERY raw, but it adds to the band as he is not trying for virtuoso vocals but soulful singing to his own abilities. Check out my review of the CD "Giant" or check out the album "Not on Top", you may have to resort to online downloading or buying...none of the stores near me (Nova Scotia, Canada) have any Herman Dune.

On a side note, the guest bassist/vocalist on "Not on Top" is Juilie Doiron. A GREAT Indie/Folk artist and local to the Maritimes. I'm not going to start another thread to try to get her name out there, so check her out as well. You may recognize her from the Grunge-y band "Eric's Trip" from the early 90's.
I love this band. If you havnt heard them check them out. www.myspace.com/therealhermandune
You may not dig the sound at first, but hear a few songs and you'll surly be hocked to this in fantastic band.

I have Mash Concrete Metal Mushroom in the mail right now. I cant wait to hear it.