in the bridge in scream by a7x

what is this called, how do you do it? do you pick it or tap it or what?

and please dont turn this into a "a7x suck" "no they don't f*ck you" thread

it's in other songs as well but i cant remember what ones.

by the way, the first 2 notes are tied.
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B and high E. it looks to me like it would be sweeped, BUT i heard that Syn Gates does that part all picked.
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I'd have to watch the video to be sure, but I don't think you tap it, cos I can span frets 13-17 w/ one hand.

Sorry if this didn't help much.
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alternate picking
13-17 isnt that far

+1. It really isn't that hard of a lick if you have alt picking down.