im just wondering, would it be illegal to possess a balisong (butterfly knife) in my country, canada? and if not, is there any loopholes?xD
I doubt it. I carry one sometimes.
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Why not just use a normal knife? I find they are pretty good for buttering stuff.
Well theyre supposedly illegal in the States, but ive purchased many of them..you can find them at flea markets or sometimes the army surplus store (if you have those where you live). Most cops down here only care if your flashing it in public(like downtown or in a store) or get arrested and have one on you.
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I had a few of those, not to mention a vintage switch from the 50's.

Sadly, I lost my knife collection.

The cops came into the house and confiscated all potential weapons due to my dad's status as a felon and him being wanted again at the time. They got all my knives that had a blade over 2 inches.
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