I have an Indiana $100 starter guitar which is a good guitar should i switch pups in that to somethin better or buy a Vox Pathfinder 15w amp( i have an MG10CD marshall now) or buy a Mexican Strat
Iv never played a MG10CD but i do know that the pathfinder is a decent amp. In my opinion the amp is like 60% of your sound, so i would buy the amp and save up for the guitar later.
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with a beginner guitar like that you're better off getting a better guitar first
then a new amp
then new pickups
i like blues/rock probably goin to have like 130 dollars to spend but my dad will pay for most of the guitar if i get it
Upgrading your pickups should not even be considered an option. Pickups, in comparison to the quality of sound from your amp and the playability of your guitar, are an extremely minor concern.

In most cases, upgrading to a better amp is usually the best option. In this case, the MIM Strat would be a huge upgrade (I would think) in playability, so you should weigh that option as well. If you truly feel that your current guitar is a "good guitar" as you stated in your post, though, then the answer to this question is a no-brainer: go for a new amp.
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