And I was wondering... what the heck should I play?? It's basically a piano recital for the students and their parents/friends of my teacher, and most people will be playing classical music. There'll be little kids to high school aged kids there.

So me and 2 of my other buds we asked to play after the performances while people are eating punch and talking... I play guitar, one bud plays guitar and the other plays bass. So, 2 guitars, 1 bass. We'll probably be using our small amps. They've asked us not play anything that has a really strong rhythmic feel or beat, so that the little kids don't go crazy.... so putting that aside, what are some good, background-like songs we could play?

oh and inb4 Icumblood
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Just pick a key and have a blues jam?
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moon dance by van morrison is a cool jazzy song probly good
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moon dance by van morrison is a cool jazzy song probly good

good suggestion... we might do it
i only mention it cus i just did a classical arangment so i figure its clasical enough its hard as hell to play melody chords and bass on 1 guitar but it sounds good but u could do it easy with 3 ppl
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Do it and post a video
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Try some cool jazz (not cool as in neat, cool as in the actual subgenre, miles davis style, slow and simplistic), it'd be great if you could get a decent drummer too.
For The Love Of God by Steve Vai, its a nice slow song, sounds beautiful, and pretty simplistic to play.
dude, the hell with them. just play "dead skin mask" by slayer!!!!!!!!!!!
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