So I'm going to be playing guitar in a smaller, new band. I've been playing guitar for eight months, and with my background in music(good drummer, pianist, vocals), I've picked it up quickly, even though I don't practice much, which will soon change. I've mostly done acoustic stuff, but our new band is going to be rock, and I need some help. I can play fairly fast, consistent palm muted and open power chords, but I'm not quick at hopping around on power chords. I haven't done much soloing type stuff. I do know my theory better than the average person, and its just mostly practice I need for the speed I think. Before this I've done fingerpicking and a lot of rhythm acoustic guitar.

So where do I start?
work on power chord moving speed
and improv over penatonics

all guitarists should be able to improv on the spot
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practice more.

yeah...thats about it...
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Or you could cheap out and play in Drop D, meaning you only have to use 1 finger to bar the first 3 strings to play a standard power chord. This would mean that your non-power chords would have to miss the E string out, or adapt them, though

Well, not really cheap out, since a lot of bands play and make great music in dropped tunings, so it's up to you. Drop tunings give you a lot more options for speed when it comes to playing power chords and riffage anyway.
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I am practicing more lol. I know music. I'm asking for technical tips. And I do play in Drop D sometimes, mostly for a song we're working on (Meant to Live by Switchfoot). But I'm not sure if I should switch to that for my power chords or not.