I havent written a decent riff in a while and I want to know how you guys write your music. Does it come out of nowhere or do you do something special to get inspiration?
Mine usually come out of nowhere when i'm jamming. Other times i'll just sit down and think of a tune i have going in my head, and then play it out.
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I pick whatever scale i'm in to at the moment, and try to write a riff in that key. I use chromatics a bunch, not as much as dimebag or anything, but it just adds that extra flavor that I like...Pretty cool stuff. But sometimes, just like everyone above me, you know, from just jamming.
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I find a whole lot easier to create new riffs and solo licks while I'm jamming with other people. It just comes out so much better!

Don't know why, really... (and I play a lot to backing tracks, just ordinary 3 or 4 chord backing tracks)
i make something up in my head, that conveys what feeling i want, then apply it to guitar,
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