i would like to build a guitar from parts. Ive been looking for some dealers myself and have had some luck, but before i order anything i just want to make sure im getting the best deals/ quality that i can.

do any of you know of a good store for guitar parts - ie necks, bodies, electrics - the full bit? i dont mind going to more than one store, but im looking for the following

must be good quality (in terms of wood - I dont mind getting b stock if theres nothing physically wrong)
must be reasonably priced (obviously the cheaper the better)
hopefully a wide range of options to choose from (i'd like an ebony board, but most only do rosewood)
a shop that you have experience with in the past is preferable.

thanks for any help
Tonetech luthier supplies

David Dyke luthier supplies

Craft Supplies





Edit: I've used them all, except for David Dyke. They're all awesome. Axesrus, Axetec, and CHGuitars are great for parts, with free/cheap P&P. Tonetech sell loads of body blanks and stuffz. Craft supplies are good for fingerboards and tonewoods. And you can get ANYTHING from David Dyke. Fake58 sell relic parts for reissue guitars.
Yeah i've used alot of those and they are all good

Check out Guitar Fetish uk

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