Will a regular solid guitar cut it if I add other things like pedals/different strings/etc. or will only a hollow body guitar work?
Just turn the tone knob down.
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tone nob on 1-2 and volume 4-5
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I've gigged with a strat a few times as a jazz player, and the other guitarist often gigs with his Les Paul. For the strat, it sounds much thinner so you have to compensate in volume a little, which thickens up the amp too. Both guitars sound thinner than a full out hollow or semi hollow but you can easily accommodate that by rolling off the volume knob to about 7 and the tone knob to about 4 or 5.

I find below that you lose clarity regardless of what guitar you are on.
An LP should work fine for jazz.
A strat, maybe. It will do a decent job, but it may not be that great.
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^^^ LPs were invented for jazz, the best way to get a jazz sound is mess with your tone knobs
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also, try different pickups, the first LPs had P90s, so think about humbucker sized P90s
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