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You need to sightread really well. learn how to form a walking bassline around jazz chords too


Good at staying in time (well, that applies to all music ), read music proficiently and understand chord structures and such.
is there guitar on so what?

edit: my bad. I accidently clicked a link from the homepage into here without realizing it was bass section

Great song btw
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I can read music, but not fast my any means, and the teacher has said he'll work with me on it throughout the year. As for walking, I know basic chord structure. How much will that help?

Learning how to make a walking bassline to chords in Jazz is pretty much essential. I don't play Jazz at all but my mates (guitarist and drummer) are part of a Jazz band and the bassist is all about walking and the very few odd improv bars.
For my jazz band, he does not require sight reading at all, but there is one thing you need engraved in your mind.


Learn them.

Live them.

Love them.
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