A song with a kinda diabolic feel to it (at least in the intro lol). Influenced mostly by Iced Earth. No vocals yet since I have no idea for lyrics lol

Hope you like it.
Diabolic Thingy.zip
These are my thoughts listening to the song.

Nice piano intro. I really like this part, even though it is abit simplistic, and doesn't really sound that diabolic. The entire song really had more of an epic Children of Bodom sound to it rather than anything particularly evil or ominous sounding. I like the chorus riff, a lot, and it's probably my favorite in the song. Verse 2 is good as well, and the transitions are nice and smooth. Same thing goes for the pre chorus, although, the lead part in the pre chorus does sound a bit dissonant over some of the rhythm chords. It's probably due to the same pattern being played over different chords and causing some minor clashing tones. It doesn't sound bad, but a slight variation on the lead part could make it sound a whole lot better. I really like the bridge riff, too. The solo duel is a bit meh to be honest. The leads themselves sound great in some parts and kind of wonky in others. I think you should rework the leads a bit so they're more consistent. The same thing applies for the solo itself, just try to make it more consistently good, rather than jumping between good licks and licks that are pretty meh. The harmonized pre-chorus riff sounds cool, but there should be a rhythm guitar under it so it doesnt feel empty with just the bass doing rhythm. I don't like how you ended the song. The rest just feels awkward and the note you end on isn't the root tone the entire song is based off, so it sounds funky to be the last tone in the song. I would have a definate, cut off ending that pounds that last root note, because the way it is now builds up and then just lets down.

All in all, good song. It reminds me of CoB (which is a good thing). It had some good riffs and it flowed well. The only real gripes I have are the solo and the ending, which both could use some minor modifications. 8/10.

Would you mind giving my new one a look? It's unfinished, but you can crit what I have so far.
Progressive Metal
Hmm...Some parts reminds me Schaffer's style but...only some parts. Well, it's a good song at lest. Kepp it metal! Check out my Iced Earth-ish/Demons & Wizards inspired album...
onebetter has a good point in saying it sounds like CoB, 'cause it does. Which is a very good thing. You use the double pedalling a lot which I really like. I'm not a big fan of the piano intro. I don't think it fits the rest of the song. It's not got the same "theme", if you know what I mean. The chorus and pre-chorus is really god and catchy but you got to work on the lead in the pre-chorus, some of the notes sound... gone! You can't really hear them. The second verse is pretty much perfect. Just the way I like it. The bridge is good I can't really see how you should improve it.
And now for the solos. The battle is in my opinion the best thing in this song. It goes crazy and I love it! The main solo has some good licks but some quite awkward notes in between. You got to work a bit on these. I love harmonies so I let me float with the one you've made. The way you got it with only the bass sounds excellent. I would give my right arm for that talent :p
Very good song I liked it alot, but not really the intro.


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