this is actually a two part question, just thought id kill 2 birds with one stone as its said

for starters, does anyone know any good scales to use in metal solos? if so please write the scale here, or send me a link or w/e to the scale as i dont know scale names. and i dont want anyone saying "LEARN SCALES NAMES NOW!" or anything like that, i will do that in due time.

secondly, i want to learn the drums along with guitar and bass, just to be as flexible as i can, does anyone know a good way to learn on the drums without a teacher and with no prior experience in them?

thanks everyone
for learning drums, u get various books n dvds etc..., just like u do for guitar and bass...
and i guess minor scales could be used for metal solos ?
depends on the song really
I think this is the D minor harmonic or something


And for the drums, just listen to a song and get some rhythm by tapping your feet and smacking your thighs for practice, and watch people on youtube cover songs that you like and see what they're doing so you can play the songs yourself, in time, youll learn techniques from other songs and will be able to incorporate them into what your into.