Alright first off I am pretty new to guitar, I have been playing about a year and my guitar is holding me back. I have a Squire Strat. I know it is a great guitar however the action is way to high and it sounds like **** to be honest.

I play every kind of music. I hate country and metal (no offense)
I prefer to play blues and classic rock.

I would love for some suggestions on new guitars under 400 usd.

I was also wondering what the difference was between the les paul standard and the g-400?

thanks for the help,
you know you can lower the action right?
anyways for blues and classic rock go for the les paul.
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I play every kind of music but hate country and metal...?

The Les Paul is a better instrument in the Epiphone version, not necassarily in the Gibson version, thats debatable but its well known that the Les Paul is a great instrument and superceeds the SG, just because it has more tonal options and is easier to play. Some may disagree there though.
The SG has a neck that is top heavy and therefore can fall down whilst playing if you don't have a leather strap. The SG has a thinner neck and better high fret access. The LP has better sound due to the quantity of solid Mahogony. The Pickups are slightly better, not noticeably though. They have have more crunchy cleans than the SG. I can't think of anything else thats different. They are quite similar instruments, as are a lot of the Gibsons.
I feel your pain. I have a squier strat and it sounds absolutely crap. I thought it was just because it was old and beaten up but i guess not.

I am currently saving for an epiphone les paul, this would be around your price region (not far off)

Here is some guy playing the epi les : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDhlN5b5pOk
Yeah I was thinking about buying a les paul b-stock... however I heard they all have huge 2's stamped on the neck?
the les paul has a bigger neck, the SG neck is thinner and lighter whoever posted that........
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Maybe you should look at some of the guitars at www.rondomusic.com

Some people say that their Les Pauls in your price range (al3000) are on par with some Gibson guitars.

Come to think of it, I don't think I've EVER read someone saying anything bad about the al3000.
In all honesty, a guitar isn't gunna hold its player from learning and improving.

And I think the SG is sexier anyways. get it
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