Hi i have a solid state amp (a vox DA5) and im getting a new amp and i was wondering, if i dont sell it, are there any sort of mods i could do to make it better? i know its not going to be much better but i want to get started at soldering and since the amp will no longer be used, i wanted to see if theres anything.

Im not saying there is and i dont know much about modding amps so dont get offended, im just asking.

Well, you could do a bypass and have the input jack go straight to the speaker, then it would be like a cabinet.
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I doubt there is anything worthwhile, especially if you don't know the circuitry of the amp.

It is primarily digital, so there really isn't too much you could do to it. The circuitry is probably mostly based on an IC or two.

If you want to do some soldering, just build something from scratch, like a little gem. You could possibly hijack the DA5 speaker for it.
Modern SS amps are more like computers than amps. Vintage tube stuff is pretty easy to mod. But with PC boards and digital effects not much can be done.