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Duncan Invader
4 24%
DiMarzio Evolution
5 29%
DiMarzio X2N
2 12%
Just leave the JB in... it's not worth changing...
6 35%
Voters: 17.
I have ( will have ) a Jackson RR3 and looking to replace the bridge pup with something with a strong kick. The Duncan JB has an awesome tone when I was playing it but it's not what I'm looking for in the bridge. I enjoyed the Jazz in the neck but I might be changing it. I'm going to be playing punk / metal influenced music.

So far I have 3 choices but feel free to recommend others.
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DiMarzio Breed
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Out of those, I'd pick the Evo (I checked that in the poll.), but otherwise, I'd get a Breed.
Definitely the Breed. I think the Invader is way too high output, same with the X2N for that sorta stuff. Unless you use a LOT of gain.
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The Evolution for punk/metal? I think not, the X2N would do a better job for that with its harsher tone.
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If you have a crappy amp, that's almost definitely the reason, not the pickups.

None of those pickups are really suited for punk, metal yes, but I still wouldn't recommend the Invader or X2N, so I guess that means I'm voting for the Evo.
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