Fade to black metallica everyones heard it

Hope you guys like it let me know any improvments qualitys a little fuzzy i know i used a mic to record it.

Its on my profile let me know if you like
Your timing is a little off in several places especially in the solo. I suggest listening and playing along with the song. Otherwise great job!
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You should get a loop station so you can have a clean guitar part played under the distorted guitar solo. IT's really good though
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Thanks Yea once i listened to it once i got it recorded i noticed the timing was off by a bit to. I'll work on getting in better.
yeah, timing is definitely rushed
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You have play way more steadily timing-wise. The slow parts sound rushed and the faster lick is played slower instead of playing in one steady tempo.
Try practicing playing with a metronome and isolate the fast part until you get it down in the right tempo.
hi,good job!!the only crits i would like to give are you sound as if you are putting too much effort into your playing...try and relax and loosen yourself up a bit and not concentrate overly too much on being precise.Also this solo is on www.freelicks.net the guitarist breaks it down into little sections where you can learn each little part,put it together and gradually build up on speed.its far more important as you will know to play a solo slowly over and over until it sinks in and then gradually your speed will build every time you play it until eventually you play it precise and also at the correct speed good work though and keep practicing!
Yea practice it and record it again and add the second solo is way easier. If you wanna call it a solo.
before the "fast" part you were going too fast and in after the "fast" part you were going slow lol.
well this is my favorite song but i don't like the studio version (because the solo guitar has too much distortion). i prefer THIS version.
if i had to rate you from 1 to 10, i will give you a 8.5 (because too much distortion and wrong tempo in some parts)