I will be on a mission trip for two years coming this September. Unfortunately, I can't bring my half-stack, guitar, practice amp, and soon to be acquired acoustic guitar. I am sure there is a thread for this, but I don't want to have to be searching through years of UG forum database. Here's what I need to know:
How to prepare my Peavey 6505+ half-stack for storage
How to prepare my Ibanez S-470 guitar for storage
How to prepare a Seagull artist series 6-string acoustic for storage
How to get my half-stack up and running from a two year break
How to get a Seagull acoutsic back in business from a two year break
How to get my Ibanez back in action from a two year break

Some things to consider:
String tension over two years without playing
Should I unstring everything?
Should I unhook the springs in my ZR tremelo?
Should I retube my amp when I get back?
Should I leave everything out (how I have it neatly in my room) or should I throw cases on everything (I'm certain this is what should be done)

I will be keeping everything in my room, no worries about humidity (I think...?)

Thanks, your help is appreciated
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two years. jesus. where are you going? try to store your stuff in the cases and perhaps unplug everything
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Don't bother un-stringing or taking the springs off anything, if you de-string them it will probably cause the neck to warp.

I think the best thing to do would probably be to put them all in cases with some silica gel for storage with everything unplugged etc...

When you get back you shouldn't need to re-tube your amp but your guitars will probably want re-stringing and action and neck check and stuff.
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