what kind of tool would i use to adjust my truss rod?

could i use something from around the house?
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Most use an allen wrench sorry no there isnt any sort of standard size some are metric some are standard. Every company seems to go out of their way to use a different size. Some use a nut and others use a screwdriver. So yea its the tools used around the house. But its also a good way to screwup your guitar if you dont know what your doing. Stripping the screw will cause serious problems as will tightening it to much and breaking the rod. Or screwing up the neck.
use the right sized allen wrench. wait....why do you want to adjust it? don't do it if you don't know what you're doing.
No, allen wrenches suck for the job.
A professional is better.
Who will then use an allen wrench.