I have been looking for an amp with a good upper-mid to high-treble voicing. I have found said amp in the Crate V-series. I may get the 18W or 33W. Not sure yet.

Noone has these in town, just SS versions.

I plan to run my Epi Casino through this. Oh yeah, I play classic rock (60's-80"s), and psychedelic rock (mostly Jefferson Airplane type stuff). How would it sound?

Also, how heavy are they?

A 1x12 would be fine, but a 2x12 would be louder, maybe too loud. But it would sound fuller. But my main concern is tone, not volume.

Also, do these handle pedals well? Can they get an 80's pop-metal crunch?
i have the palomino v16 which is the white version of this amp
truly killer amps!

they handle pedals very well, they are kinda heavy but they are not too too bad. they can get just about any tone you really want, but the onboard od is great too!
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40 pounds?
At first I was going to say BUY BUY BUY! then realized you meant weight.

Yeah, something like that.