ok, im looking for an electric guitar to play on (ive been on and off the acoustic for several years). Well, i want an inexpensive guitar to play with. When i asked about what guitar to get one member told me of his SX and recommended them, and several other users said they looked legit. and on another forum, someone asked about basses, and was also pointed there. well i looked around and found a few i liked for various reasons (such as color, shape or something similar).

what do you think of them, and which would you say is best:

the ibanez copy

the telecaster copy

the strat copy
...Interesting, I've heard of Agile, but not SX. Out of personal preference, I think the Ibanez RG copy is the sexiest, but I'd have to play it to really rate it.
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i like the ibanez look, but another user told me to be careful of the LFR, and how they are sometimes really bad. I am leaning away from the telecaster too.

so between the strat and ib...

i like the strat so i can more easily change the electronics and pickups (i dont like the 5 way, so it would be easier to shange in the long run), but the ib is just pretty. haha.
Well what do you play?
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Just get a cheap Agile.
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Yeah, it really depends on what you're looking to play. Metal or harder-edged rock, get the Ibanez. Anything else, I'd go with the strat. P-90 pickups are pretty amazing. Only thing I'd be worried about with the strat is the finish. The grain on the one in the picture is terribly ugly, so that could be an issue. On the other hand, you could get something with a fantastic look to it.
The RG copy is probably the best overall,

but it depends on your style, if you're into heavy and distorted stuff the RG's the way to go,

The other two will be more suited to classic rock, jazz etc. It's all down to preference.

In general the SX guitars are pretty good starters, I started with one of the poison series years ago and it's still in excellent condition now. I did however sell it to a friend in order to replace it with a couple of Hellraisers.

Cheap + Relatively Good = SX
well, i play a lot of stuff. if i get it soon enough to practice over the summer i might play in my school's jazz band, while i have time left there. and a good number of my friends play in their own garage bands, and i can try to get in as a rhythm guitar later. the current band they are in is really into heavy a distorted.

so right now it looks like some of each, for the strat i would eventually get a back pickguard and hardware, so if i could reapply a better finish i would.
i have the same thread...SX guitars..lol


i just bought the Tele...it'll be here in a while...ill report back and tell you how it is!(if i remember)

oh...and about the choices...i would go with the ibanez copy...its the best looking IMO...its pretty versatile too!

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I have an sx right now and the neck is really uncomfortable. way to thick and wide
what guitar do you have? and i play acoustic, so a thick neck is not to unusual, but thanks.

how would you describe it? like a LP, or what? looking on the warmoth descriptions, boat, or fat, or what?