For a project about the Outsiders I need to find a song with lyrics relating to the Outsiders. Can anyone think of a song like that?
lol. Hey, yo, Ponyboy, stay gold!

Um, don't do something directly pertaining to the story, do something about the theme, and maybe put Ponyboy and Johnny in it.
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o lol cause we have the same project but i think the book is great and the song would be welcome to the jungle to describe the greasers, at least thats what im doing
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Man, I hated that book.

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Yeah grade 8 I think, I've seen about 4 of these threads I think...

anyway that other thread has good suggestions.
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there's a song called outsiders by REM, it'd probably relate just a bit. i think it does, actually. i can't remember.
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YES!!!! I have the PERFECT SONG!!! Sanctity of Brothers by Unearth. Lyrics talk about the sort of gang life, great song to. Pick this one.
Dude I remember reading that book like three years ago, and I loved it. I was all tight up when Johnny died.
I think Hit Or Miss by New Found Glory starts out with an audio clip from the movie of the outsiders, but I'm not too sure about the lyrics.
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theres a local band near me called Return to the Sea that have a song called "Stay Gold.." I'm not sure if it has any relation to that book, though.

I loved that book - and the movie was pretty badass also.
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youtube Atreyu - Falling Down and show them that
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theres a local band near me called Return to the Sea that have a song called "Stay Gold.." I'm not sure if it has any relation to that book, though.

I loved that book - and the movie was pretty badass also.

Pretty badass.
I love that book and movie.

Suggestion: I remember seeing a Rumble Fish video with the song Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Maybe it'd be good for the Outsiders, seeing that they're about the same.

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Great movie that was. As for a song, I dunno.
'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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youtube Atreyu - Falling Down and show them that

Yeah the vid totally ripped off the movie lol...
add me if you wish...
Falling Down by Atreyu. I don't think the lyrics have anything to do with it, but the video is spot on.

Edit: Dammit! Beat to it.
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I don't know what you're talking about but Outsider by The Ramones perhaps?

Beaten to it...
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atlantic city by bruce springsteen always cam eo mind reading that
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i loved that book, but the movie sucked
you could do the song my hero by the foo fighters and just say its about one of the characters and their hero
or find a song about gone with the wind and talk about johnny and that other guy and about the whole gallant thing
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