Ok this is Capo 4, tells a true story fitted to where i used to live
This should be played on acoustic but it would work okay on an electric
This is totally not my style of music but it's still one of my favorite song of mine.

New England Seasons

For You, I'd wait
till the sun rose in the sky
For you, I'd defy fate
Even if it hurt me to try
Those nights so long and those
Days so short
We'd walk hand in hand to the
New England Port
Now in the winter your words
are whispers of lost love
fake and disappointing
All of the Above

but you broke me down to pieces
lying on the floor
I treasure those sweet kisses
and wish you could love me more
but you left me for her
my very best friend
she beats me at everything
this i understand

Ahhhh ahh ahhh Ahh ahh ahhh x2

Repeat Chorus

End on G
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Can you edit this and put in dashes? It got rid of your spaces, so I can't tell when to play chords.
And I know that it's a tall order, but is there any way of finding out the melody, or the strumming pattern?
ok i can do the dashes thing, i also play piano so i can probably figure out the tune but it may take me a bit for now ill edit in the dashes

Ok i figure the melody of the verse starts on G then heads up to the next C and then stays within the G,A,B,C it repeats itself throughout the entire song. Including the Ahh's.

This would be much easier with a keyboard of a sort if u happen to have one and know where the keys are. I am fairly new to guitar and self taught so im not to good with telling you where each note is.

For the first four lines:
G up to C, down to B,A,Ax5,B,C
For: "those nights were long and those days so short"
For: "we'd walk hand and hand to the new england port"

this then repeats in that order throughout the entire song! hope i helped somewhat
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By the way, the lyrics are good. I played it without a capo (I don't know why) and it sounded good. Maybe the capo makes it better... one can hope...
pretty good man, wayy dif style of music that im into, but still good flow. finnaly someon who put the chords with the lyrics, so i could play along to it.
(We are) The anti-cancer
(We are) The only answer
Stripped down, we want you dead
But what's inside of me, you'll never know
(We are) Bipolar gods
(We are) You know what we are
I was a little bit confused until I looked at you're profile about the content lol

But critique wise I only have two suggestions to change

From: Fake and disappointing
To: Fake or disappointing

That way it sounds like a choice and makes the 'all of the above' line work better.


From: She wins at everything/This I understand
To:She wins at everything/I guess she won again

That last one could be changed to a lot of different things, but you get my drift. Otherwise this is actually really good, and if you keep applying all you know from piano onto guitar they should soon be on even grounds, skill wise. That's how I learned to play piano. Keep at it and you'll go somewhere.
great advice for the "I guess she won again" I really like that line and im definitely gonna keep it in there. Thanks to all the critiquers!