i just bought ezdrummer the other day top use with my yamaha dtxtremeII electronic drum kit. my problem is i don't know how to set it up to where the drum pads trigger the corresponding sample in ezdrummer (example: snare pad triggers a snare on module but triggers a crash cymbal on ezdrummer). if anyone knows (and i'm sure alot of you do) how to set it up i would greatly appreciate it. i'm using cubase le.
Does your module look like this?

I'm guessing you could trigger the samples through the MIDI output (or the USB one). Just get a MIDI/USB cable if you only have the former.
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You need to load a midi map in your software and its probably best to go into General MIDI mode on the module.

Im trying to figure out session drummer 2 right now with my Roland TD6V.
I have to play around with it more...

go though the help manual on your softare and then read the manual for your drum module. That should get you going.
thanks guys. my module does look like that FAst Fingers. hopefully it won't be to long before i get it going. i'm getting anxious to try some material out. i'll still be checking up on this if anyone has a direct answer. duece!