So I picked up this numbered, full sized, picture vinyl of Job for a Cowboy's Genesis Album. Since I know the drummer personally, I was wondering if it would increase or destroy the value if I had it signed by the entire band. Would it destroy it's playability? Anyone know?
Even though this goes in a different forum, congrats on a vinyl purchase.

Also, get the cover signed, not the actual vinyl.
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Get the sleeve signed by them; that way it'll be more valuable and playable. I'm pretty sure getting them to sign the vinyl itself would destroy it's playability.
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Yeah, get the vinyl cover signed, not the actual LP (I'm assuming it's an LP, anyway).

You'll be lucky if a scratch doesn't screw your record (like my Disreali Gears vinyl, I'm lucky). It would only make the value go up, unless they sign it in piss or something.
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