ok so i bought a whammy pedal today to mess around with and ive been playing some RATM and trying a few dragonfrce songs. what are some good bands/songs that use whammy ?
Jordan- Buckethead, is a pretty popular one

Chyeck out some other Buckethead stuff though
Soothsayer is an incredible song with a ****in amazing 7 minute solo with a bunch of whammy

The solo's not tabbed out tho
RATM is great for whammy, try Audioslave aswell!

If your playing Dragonforce, something like "the mars volta" should be a piece of cake, they use a ridiculous amount of effects.
Joe Satriani uses it quite a bit, check out the live version of "Searching" on YouTube.
Audioslave and RATM for sure.
The Mars Volta
White Stripes. Jack shifts octaves with it all the time
White Stripes.
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i dont get the whammhy pedal,its pretty cool though lol hypocritic a little bit lol.Satrian uses it i believe
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Do the solo to "Like a Stone" by Audioslave, it my personal favorite example of whammy pedal use.
'King James' by Buckethead has quite a bit of whammy in it.
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Only the bass player though. I don't think Adam Jones ever uses one.

Try "The Prayer" by Bloc Party. Also, I think some Radiohead songs use a whammy.
A Lot of White Stripes, and anything Tom Morello.
Adam Jones never uses a Whammy Pedal.
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