so ive been lookin into gettin an agile lp...eventually...anyway i was lookin at a dauntless series but ppl keep tellin me to get an al 3000 and i was jus curious is the al 3000 really worth the xtra hundred dollars compared to the dauntless...if u havent played em to know check out the links and then gimme ur opinion, im a curious boy


With the AL-3000, you're getting the alnico pups, ebony fretboard, better wiring, and all that schnazz judging by the specs on them.
It is worth it.
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yea i figured the al 3000 was better but not bein exactly the most experienced i jus thought id ask and see if it was all really necessary for a decent quality guitar
would the AL-3000 really be that much better? The Dauntless has seymour duncan alnico 5 pups and the 3000 was type V alnico pups...whats the difference?