Hey guys we have a video of a show we played 5/23/08 it's of an original song titled reflection. Just scroll down to the about me section of the myspace page can't miss it. Hope you guys enjoy.

Video Link---> Myspace.com/altruisticmusic
Smile alot today... okay?
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hey great stuff man! absolutely love the funk! every instrument came together very well....too many bands ive seen sound completely muddy but everything was crystal clear especially for a video

i agree with you...i wish i could sing though
but yeah idk y but my bending sucked in that song....o well thats what happens when i improvise the entire thing! haha
Thanks dude that means alot. I was surprised at how well the sound on the video came out as well.
Smile alot today... okay?
damn. that's pretty fecking cool. i can't see anything wrong with it. keep up the good work.
Firstly, thanks for the crit.

I'm going to have to get picky on this one. There's not too much to say, really.

The intro: It seems a hair out of place, almost like you felt you had to solo or show off because the rest of the song is relatively simple. Just saying.

Your tone is fun, nice and punchy, but the distortion seems a bit muddy. Either that, or you were playing the intro a bit sloppily. It was just hard to here the individual notes in it, until the last time through. Maybe look into that.

While the tone is nice, I think it's a bit too close to the keyboard tone. One of them needs something to make it stand out from the other. I think when you go rhythm, you should switch to the bridge pickup, to get more twang, instead of punch. The keyboard has the punch covered pretty well for that part.

That song is crying for a solo at the end, with a nice smooth tone. I was so expecting it, and ready for it, but it never happened. Hell, even a keyboard solo would have been badass. It had all the energy built up that a solo could release, and I think it's one of the times a solo is actually, really, for reals reals, warranted. It needs one, for the song.

Your singing is okay, but I think it fell a bit flat in a few places, and just wasn't dynamic enough in others. You almost sound out of breath or something. Try to kick it up a bit.

So, summary: Intros a bit weird (drums just sort of fading in, it feels off), maybe work on that. More treble in the verse tone. Clean up the distortion a bit if you're doing any lead. IT NEEDS A SOLO SO BAD.

I think that's everything. Hope this at least helped you gain some outside perspective on the song!