I'm not too sure if i'm posting this in the right forum, but whatever...

...i've been playing for 2 years, so i'm technically still a novice, but, and you'll have to take my word on this, i'm a pretty damned good novice.

That being said, let me make another point. I lovelovelove Joe Satriani and i really would love to learn some of his stuff. Not the incredibly advanced sweep sections or whammy bar shenanigans he pulls, but just some basic riffs.

Now, i know he's done like...what is it? 7 albums? So i really don't feel like rooting around the tabs section. Anyone have any suggestions for some "satch for beginners?"

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satch boogie is probably my favourite riff that i've heard from him
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Playing his rhythm parts is a good starter. Got to start somewhere.
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I second Satch Boogie. Killer riff, awesome licks, just a fun song to play. It was the first hard song I learned all the way through and helped me improve almost all aspects of my playing.
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Love thing is great. Always With Me Always With You is a great song, and pretty easy and fun to play. Surfing with the Alien is a bit harder but it's way fun.
Midnight, it's all two hand tapping and easy as hell.
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Learn Starry Night, it's great, and I've learned it.
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Learn the intro riff to Raspberry Jam Delta V (from the Crystal Planet album). That will be a good test for your legato...and its a fantastic riff!