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Well, i was all excited for van halen. Getting to see Eddie in person and everything. I get there and the first song is terrible. The sound system sucks, it was crackling, and sounded like cheap headphones turned all the way up. Feedback on the microphone through the roof, every time David Lee moved his arm there was feedback. They fixed the feedback issue somewhat after the first song but it still sounded terrible. Everyone was playing fine but the sound system was a peice of ****. The only decent part of the concert was when Eddie had his solo part. When there was only one instrument the sound system was fine, and Eddie was amazing. Im really disapointed though, i wanted an awesome show and thanks to the ****ty sound system and the people who didnt know how to run a soundboard for ****, the concert sounded terrible.
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I tried BAGDAD tuning once, it actually was quite alright.

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Do you have to actively try to spell words that wrong or does it come naturally to you?

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I invented this literary device I call sarcasm, that was an example of it.