Hey guys,

I have an old Morley PDW-1 (series 1 Wah/Volume/Distortion) and it went dead a few days ago, and I've wanted to get into pedal building for a while so I was wonering (insert thread title here).

A bit of background (skip ahead if you like):

I haven't built any pedals or anything else yet, but I'll be getting a couple of perf boards this weekend and wiring up a few really simple projects. I've soldered jacks and stuff to my guitar, but never really had any experience with pcbs or the like so I'm thinking the practice should do me good.

After that I'll probably have a trip to radio shack and an couple of orders and a fuzz pedal built. Then I think I'll try to build the wah.

Which brings me to the real question:

I know I'd have to wire the swtich to the location on the pedal, and I'm okay with that method of switching, but I'm worried that the pot wont fit in the slim area where the pcb resides. Most of the pics I've seen of crybabys have, what look to be, around 1 1/2" thick base, where my Morley is only about 3/4" to 1" thick.

I'm thinking form follows function, but I was wondering if anyone has tried it.
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