Is it possible to build an amp footswitch out of a nice figured wood? or does it have to be metal to conduct electricity or something? im not sure what the guts look like, but i want to build one for fun, i have alot of scrap wood that would be perfect for it.
i dont see y u couldnt make one, they make plastic pedals so like it doesnt have anything to with electricty. i would like to see one if u make it!
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They are pretty simple to make so I would assume you could route a cavity for the stuff in bottom and just cover it up with something else since it is the bottom after all. Thats a pretty great idea though. I was going to put mine in an Altoids tin but its WAY too shallow
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Yeah, i have curly maple... it should be dense enough to stamp up to some stomping, and i would probably epoxy the top on... which would be a very hard wood like Bloodwood or something, to atleast look fancy/match the new amp-enclosure. i could route it out easily, i have enoguh scrap wood to make 20 of these. i was going to cut it up and spin pens/guitar knobs out of it, but i like this idea better.
if i were you, i would make sure it is WELL shielded. that's why most enclosures are aluminum or so. i'd say spend the 5 bucks and get a decent one, even if it looks like crap. although wood would look cool. so if you like it, proceed forward friend
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I have seen an overdrive in a big, carved piece of Red Oak. It looks very nice, just make sure, like everyone is saying, to SHIELD IT WELL!
If you are talking about a simple amp footswitch and not an effects pedal then the FS does NOT have to be shielded because there is absolutely no audio signal passing through it whatsoever.
The only electronics in it are a switch to connect the 2 wires (the mono channel and the ground on the plug) and an optional LED (check what voltage the amp provides first).
I made one out of wood because the official ones were damn expensive:
^True. If you're just switching amp channels, the box doesn't need to be shielded. Gorgeous wood would be a nice touch.
if you have any exterior plywood lying about, it might be slightly stronger than ordinary wood, cos of the crossed grain, however if your using hardwood i doubt strength will be a problem, I would make the switches area as thick as it can be - that's probably where it would break. What else you could do is put a wide washer on either side of the switches.

how would you joint it? or would you just route a solid block of wood?