Well, I was originally planning on saving up $2000 for an amp, but I don't exactly like the idea of spending that much on an amp. I've been looking at Fenders mostly, what I think is the quintessential(sp?) blues amp, and with my Tubescreamer coming, it means that I don't have to turn up all the Fender amps to get some nice OD. I want some sounds like SRV, Santana, Aerosmith, ZZ Top, and just some nice tones for those kinds of music.

I don't want the exact tones of them, just some a pretty decent sounding amp that'll be able to pull some covers every now and then.

I played the Bassman Reissue a month or two ago and I liked it, though I didn't get to turn it up as much as I'd like. I was thinking of a Twin Reverb or the Bassman Reissue, something along those lines, but I'm just looking for some ideas so that I'll have a good idea of what to try and such my next trip to GC/Sam Ash.

i had the hot rod deville 410 and it rocked the house

you can get a nice vibro king used and put a tubescreamer with it as well
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you cant really go wrong with any of the all tube fenders for what your wanting to do. the bassman is really great, although it has my least favorite cleans of all fender amps. the cleans are still really nice though. i would go for a deluxe reverb, thats sort of the ultimate gigging amp. just try out alot and see what you like.
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Chea_man is the best.
A Super Reverb Reissue might suit you well. It's got the speaker configuration of the bassman (4x10) and the later blackface circuitry along the lines of a twin reverb.

It has a great clean tone and can be turned up to get that great breaking up tone, but that will be loud!
Yeah, I've considered the Super Reverb on account that it's under 50 watts so it can break-up easier and I've heard nothing but good about it.
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