Hey guys. What's the difference between say something like a 5 piece neck and a 1 piece neck, besides the obvious (ie, 5 p will have 5 ps of wood, 1 p will have 1.)

What's the effect on the tone? Playability? With more pieces does it make the neck less likely to bow?

Also, does the wood of the neck really have an impact on the guitar? Like if you take two LP's with the same everything but one has a maple neck and the other has a mahogany, would the difference only be cosmetic?
5 piece necks are indeed less likely to bow and have a lil more crunch, but sustain a lil less. They are worth it for since their sound difference is incredibly diminute, yet they do help a lot by bowing less.
Cool, thanks for the responses guys! I was just curious cause I always see how the necks are x many pieces and I always just kinda go "why do I care though?" lol.

The neck wood is still something that eludes me, is if just that certain woods are stronger than others to they're predominantly used as necks to again prevent bowing?