This is a ridiculous mess the world is in with the every rising gas prices, and last I heard a barrel of oil just went up again, so we'll be paying the price in about a month for that. Just curious what everyone pays for a gallon of gas.

Today I payed $3.91, a.k.a. the lowest price around town. Thank god my little Camry only takes about $45!!
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$4.10 a gallon
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depends on the gas station. arco/ampm charges 3.85 for regular unleaded. chevron charges about 4.00 for regular.
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4.15 premium

land rover = $80 tank but 9miles per gallon
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lol, college freshman here, i dont have a car. i havent payed for a gallon of gas in 9 months.


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$4.19 per gallon...

i've completely began supporting drilling in anwar and developing the oil shale of colorado
$4.05 / gallon for regular just outside washington dc
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It was $3.67 here today for the regular gas, which is what I use.
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thats about south africa tho...which isnt poor at all.
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3.7999999999 no lie...
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$4.03 for cheap mid grade. regular is $3.93 if you get a good deal. Sucks for me though. I have to use mid grade and get 14 mpg! I can't buy a new car either!
$1.27 a liter
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I paid $3.98 a gallon this morning. My S-10 pickup was completely empty, I ended up putting in $51. It holds 18.5 gallons of gas, and gets about 32 mpg (standard shift, 4-banger). I love my truck! No power whatsoever, but I only have to refuel once or twice a month!
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$3.95, 14 gallon tank. 05 Mustang GT, gets 25 MPG as long as I drive like gramma.
3.95, costs $39.50 if we were using exact measurements to fill my tank.
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3.88 a gallon, Tualatin, Oregon

I get **** gas mileage because I drive like a maniac.
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Around $3.90 a gallon. Takes about $50-60 to fill the ranger danger up, but it only gets around 14 mpg.
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****ing $3.95/gallon...ridiculous.

good thing its only like 30 something bucks to fill up my tank hooray honda civic!
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